Diverse Destinations

France will reveal its many faces: relaxation, adventure, emotions, culture, openness, encounters, landscapes, nature, heritage, sensations, history, delights... France’s memorable experiences will motivate your star players and have them talking long after the adventure is over.


France boasts three seas, three oceans, 5,500 km coastline running from the Mediterranean rocky inlets to Normandy’s cliffs or to the stunning beaches of the North Sea... Not to mention the country’s overseas territories. Imagine situating your event in the awe-inspiring scenery of the Alps or the Pyrenees. With incredibly varied landscapes, France’s destinations will conspire to surprise your guests.

Authentic yet Universal Heritage

Inspire your top achievers with a trip down memory lane. With 40 000 protected monuments, 8 000 museums, and around 40 UNESCO-listed World Heritage Cultural Sites, France’s cultural riches are unique in the world.

Creative and Bold

France is a country where tradition is daring, art advocates modernity, gastronomy innovates, and past meets present. Festivals, exhibitions, fairs, shows: France is an invitation to celebrate the arts!

Serene and Adventurous

Motivate your top achievers with an adventurous incentive trip. We deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as skiing, hiking, canyoning, paragliding, sailing, and much more. Looking for something relaxing? Tee off in one of the 700 French golf courses, or indulge in a day of pampering at the spa.