French Art de Vivre & Gastronomy

French gastronomy is renowned in the world for its quality and diversity. Although established as a centuries-old legacy, French cuisine continues to evolve through chefs who constantly revisit and reinvent tradition in a quest to surprise and delight.

From the North of France to Provence, from Brittany to Alsace, to Bourgogne, the South-West, or Corsica... discover the wealth and diversity of France through gastronomy. Since November 2010, “The Gastronomic Meal of the French” has been declared World Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Indulge in the fine flavors of French gastronomy in numerous bistros, cafes, and Michelin starred restaurants found all over the country.

Experience French Art de Vivre or way of life. Add to your trip by meeting with farmers in local markets, or French chefs eager to share their passion and love of cuisine from the kitchen to your plate.

Our regions are sure to seduce epicures with a variety of exquisite flavors!