5 reasons to choose the train

European people easily use the train to travel from one place to another.

Below are 5 reasons why to choose the train

1- An extensive network in France:

-          192 TGV stations

-          4main stations in Paris:

-          Gare de Lyon: to South Eastern France

-          Gare du Nord: to Northern France & Europe, including Brussels and London

-          Gare de l’Est: to Eastern France, including Strasbourg, Frankfort

-          Gare Montparnasse: to Western France – Bordeaux…

-          CDG Airport TGV Station with direct access to

·         Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Marseille

·         Poitiers, Bordeaux, Toulouse

·         Nantes, Rennes

·         Lille,Brussels

·         Lyon

·         Montpellier

·         Strasbourg

2- An easy access:

-          City centers to city centers arrivals and departures:

-          Avoid transfers and the 30 to 60 minute taxi ride from airport to major European city centers

3- A comfortable and relaxing experience:

-          Spacious carriages with large seats

-          Bar buffet car

-          Space for luggage in the vestibule and overhead racks

-          European power outlets at seat

4- An eco friendly way to travel:

-          10 times less CO2 than an airplane

-          25% more energy efficient than cars

5- A unique opportunity to discover the landscapes:

-          Be it a high speed train, a panoramic journey on a scenic train, or a restful overnight journey, a train ride offers the opportunity to meet the locals and learn more about their country and culture


Fred Spagnuolo