Marseille Key Industries

6 Key economic sectors

    1 - Healthcare
    2 - Digital & Creative Industries
    3 - Shipping & Logistics
    4 - Aerospace & Mechanical
    5 - Environment & Energy
    6 - Tourism & Art of Living

    • 2nd film-making destination in France with 385 film shoots including 15 feature films and 19 series

Business Clusters

    • Energy generation with no greenhouse gases
    • 6,500 jobs
    • Focusses on future energy solutions, encouraging, supporting and promoting projects that aim to control consumption and save energy
    • Life Sciences and Technologies
    • 4,000 jobs
    • The competitiveness cluster for the healthcare sector and combines the ORPHEME competitiveness cluster and the HOLOBIOSUD and BIOMEDITERRANEE clusters
    • Competitiveness cluster with a global reach
    • 9,500 jobs
    • This cluster brings together corporate players involved with research and training in security and safety, and sustainable development
    • Its aims is to manage the marine environment and associated environment risks and to develop relevant services
  • PASS
    • Scents, Fragances, Flavours
    • 5,000 jobs 
    • This cluster brings together all the key processes in this sector including aromatic plant farming, extraction, the making of perfumes and aromas and final products (cosmetics and agriculture/aromatics)
    • Aeronautical and space solutions
    • This cluster brings together:
      • the key industrial players such as Eurocopter, Dassault, Thalès Alenia Space, Areva
      • research institutions (ONERA, INRIA, Paul Cezanne Marseille University, Ecole Central Marseille) and small and medium enterprises
    • It is dedicated to developing the aeraunitcal and space sector through the construction of particularly inventive "Flying machines"
    • 2,500 jobs
    • This is the fruit and vegetables cluster including all stages from agricultural production to processing and retail
    • 12,000 jobs
    • This cluster identifies and structures the risk management sector, bringing together companies research unites, associations, small and medium enterprises and industries, trade bodies and local authorities with the aim of providing operational and innovative products and services aound the observation, study, prevention and management of risks
  • SCS (Secured Communicating Solution)
    • 12,000 jobs 
    • This cluster brings together the key players in microelectronics, software, multimedia telecommunications and ICT services and uses in The PACA region
    • 9,000 jobs
    • This covers a number of application markets, including the space industry, earth instrumentation and observation, underwater optics, medical imaging, bio-photonics, laser processes, nuclear fusion and microelectronics
    • competitive cluster aims to re-establish France as a world leader in nuclear energy

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