Biarritz - Focus On

Q: What makes Biarritz a top choice for business travelers?

Biarritz is a unique place with mixed culture (French, Spanish and Basque) and a specific way of living. Due to its beaches, 18 golf courses and several surfing spots, the destination is also known as the little French California. Biarritz is more than one of the Top French destinations for holidays; thanks to its infrastructure (3 Convention Centres, 1 Exhibition Hall, 3,500 rooms, etc), this Basque town hosts 75,000 business travellers every year.

Travellers can easily take over this wonderful playground located only 20 minutes away from Spain and 40 minutes to San Sebastian. The new connections with the main European gateways (Paris CDG, London Heathrow and Madrid) offer easy and quick access to this unusual and unexpected destination.

Q: Tell us something about Biarritz that you don't think many people know?

First of all, Biarritz is the only city on the West French Coast where one can live a 5* Palace hotel experience thanks to the Hotel du Palais, formerly Napoleon III and his wife’s holiday home.


Additionally, Biarritz was the first city chosen to host what is now the Cannes Film Festival, and in 1956, American surfer and movie maker Peter Viertel introduced surf to Europe after having searched for the best surfing spots to be featured in his movie (“The Sun Also Rises”) - the first step being the “Cote des Basque” beach, in Biarritz.


Last but not least, the 16 golf courses made it possible for Biarritz to become the only destination labelled the “France Golf Destination”, which is an accolade offered by the French government.

Q: What is your advice for planning a successful event in Biarritz? 

To trust our team and our local partners and also to think differently on how to hold their event, because to be here is to be somewhere else.

Q: What has been the biggest accomplishment for the city in th epast 5 years?

The biggest accomplishment for the city in the last 5 years has been the establishment of “Biarritz – Pays Basque”, one of the 20 brands chosen by the state to promote the offer of France globally.

Q: Where do you see Biarritz headed in the next 5 years? What will be the major developments?

The Hotel du Palais will become a Four Season hotel. Also our MICE and Leisure offers are on their way of becoming more globally structured as we are proposing a new perception of how events can be held, starting with the North of Biarritz, and continuing down to Spain (20 minutes away).

Lastly, the easy access (by both airplane and TGV train) to Biarritz will definitely increase the attractiveness of our destination.

Q: What is your favorite spot in the city?

The entire city is a great spot. The city is a human-sized city and the best way to enjoy it is walking along the streets and discovering it by yourself. Another favorite spot of mine is no doubt “Cote des Basques”.

Q: What does Biarritz offer to business travelers ?

Biarritz offers an experience based on human relationships and numerous certified professionals who will make every event a unique moment. Biarritz will represent an “everlasting souvenir” for anyone who travels here; something completely different from other destinations thanks to the way people are welcomed by our locals who share their entertainment, local traditions, good living and the feeling that any traveler is always welcome back.