Biarritz - Incentive Activities

In Biarritz no one is better prepared to show you the legends and secrets of the Basque Country than our PCOs and DMCs. They propose various unique activities for your incentive and leisure programs.

THE EXPLORERS’ CARAVAN: On the beautiful Basque coast, let yourself experience the « Beach Art » activity. You could also take up the privateer’s challenge, looking for the treasure hidden among the steep coasts, the beaches and the rocky peaks. Follow the clues and meet the « shaper » who will share with you details about his fascinating job. Climb up the summit of the Rhune with an old wooden train which snakes among the pottoks (small wild horses) and the vultures. Do not miss the right way which will lead you to a « venta » (typical restaurant in the mountain) for a rustic lunch to regain strength. Only the bravest people will win the trail of the smugglers. Be careful! Impish laminak (fairytale characters in the Basque mythology) will set up a trap!! The trail of the xahakoa will separate the teams. At the end we will meet in the covered market of Biarritz for dinner with the « pintxo party ».

SPANISH BASQUE CHARMS: « Haute Couture » spirit at the Balenciaga Museum in Getaria, Baroque evening at San Telmo, Tapas and « Basque gastronomic society » by the San Sebastian Concha Bay; architecture and Art at the Guggenheim Museum and other art galleries of Bilbao. Special activity: « Moon explorers » which guarantees a special atmosphere and an unforgettable moment in the Bardenas Desert.

RALLIES: With a directional road book at the wheel of valiant 2C V thirties, your day begins on the most beautiful roads of the Basque Country. Between tasting of local specialties and team building activities, the 2C V rally is can bring many different experiences:

  •  Discover rear Basque Country between Biarritz and the Spanish border through Espelette
  • Drive along the coast and come across canoes, kayak or paddle to discover the beautiful bay of St Jean de Luz
  • Come and walk the streets of our cities through the beautiful Basque Secret Rally.

DINNER AT THE COVERED MARKET: What if the covered market of the town opened especially for you? Our agencies can organize an unforgettable evening in the city center of Biarritz thanks to the collaboration of the local producers. Walk along the alleys of the market, meet the local producers and taste their products:  ham, cheese, local wine, tapas, etc.

Our teams of professionals will help you to create unforgettable experiences ranging from sports activities to Basque gastronomy experiences, special and original reward parties and more.